379276_4929687635589_920644868_nApostle Carlos was called by the Lord with an audible voice at the age of 20, while still in Nicaragua his place of birth. He is apparently the recipient of the apostle’s mantle that rested in his grandfather. At 21, shortly after arriving in New York he had his own “Road to Damascus” experience when coming back from a failed trip to Canada, as he tried one more time to escape the call of God. Since that day his life was changed and transformed.

He served as a co-pastor for two years before receiving the laying on of hands for the pastoral office in 1978. He is a graduate of the Latin American Bible Institute of New York. Since 1990 well known prophets in the Body of Christ began to prophetically bring clarification identifying his fivefold office gift, and in public commissioning him as an apostle.

​In September 2003 Apostle Lopez published his first book, Major and Minor Apostles.

He is the founder of Paul and Silas Ministries. Presently functioning in New York and New Jersey. He is the presiding apostle apostle over P.A.S.S.I.O.N. an apostolic network of churches and ministries. He is a man sent with a mandate to restore passion in the hearts of His people. He ministers with a strong apostolic and prophetic insight and revelation. He is married to Iris and together they have raised four children. Alexis, Christina, Wendy and Dinorah.


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