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What Should We Do When Confronting Times of Transition?

four-seasonsDuring times of transition one may be consumed with terrifying thoughts. 
One of them could be, “Where would I land when this season is finished.”

The apprehension on the soul about leaving behind your present season is real. The following are just a sample of transitional circumstances that can happen during your lifetime:

  1. Divorce.
  2. Loss of a loved one.
  3. Loss of employment
  4. End of a very close relationship.
  5. Going from riches to rags.
  6. Standing on the top and landing at the bottom.
  7. Going from having all the attention to being ignored by everybody.
  8. Traveling from success to failure.
  9. Experiencing the feeling of betrayal by your friends.
  10. Unexplainable and painful circumstances.

Following are key words during transition. For believers or anyone for that matter, these words are the same:

  • Be watchful.
  • Be sensitive to hear from God in your spirit man.
  • Prepare for change.
  • Prepare for pushing the reset button in your mind and emotions to find the approved God’s will for you.
  • Know, And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His ” –Romans. 8:28

Be Watchful.
In medieval times, there were men assigned to watch on the outside wall of castles. They could see miles away when an enemy was coming. Their job was just to watch! During times of transition due to the nature of the season we can be easily distracted or focused on the wrong thing. These things can happen because we are very sensitive to our circumstances of transition not knowing for sure what’s ahead or what to do next. So, we are conditioned to quickly respond to everything that moves or focus on the wrong thing. We all need to learn to be still, alert and utilize these times to develop our hearing ear. I remember what Larry Leah used to say, “Develop Mickey Mouse ears. Prayer, with no doubt, is a discipline we can all exercise and intensify during transition.

Be Sensitive To Hear From God In Your Spirit Man .
God is always speaking; the problem is, most of the time, we are not on His same frequency. Let me illustrate this. The next time you want to select a radio station while driving do the following. Set your tuner to your favorite AM Station. Then after listening for one or two minutes just press the FM button. Instantly you will hear sounds. Either music or someone will be talking. Notice you haven’t moved the dial. The only thing it changed was the frequency!

This simple test explains what I just said about God always speaking. He is. We just need to engage with Him on the spiritual frequency He is on. He uses all means of communication and if you want to be successful concerning your next move during your transition, then you must exercise your hearing capability. He uses circumstances, people, even animals. He can use a picture on the wall or someone talking on TV. All you need is to become a student of His voice and your spirit man will slowly develop this capacity. Begin today and during your next time of transition, you will be better equipped to hear His voice.

Comeback next month for the next Blog on this topic.

Carlos H. Lopez
Mentoring Winners

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