Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Reason Why The Light Shines

l5I shine for the essence of my existence is to eradicate all darkness.

I shine so when your world is surrounded by it, I can always make you see.

I shine so you can be light just like me. You are to glow in the dark just like I do.

I shine because darkness has no right to exist.

I shine so you can clearly see that it is better to love one another than to hate each other.

I shine for my DNA is composed of elements that can’t be stopped by the darkness.

I shine for my purpose to exist is wrapped in life itself.

I shine for no one could see the beauty of life without my presence.

I shine for there is no darkness in me and it’s always better to love and forgive.

I shine for humanity wouldn’t be able to find their right path without me.

I shine for everyone to see the smile on a baby and the singing of mockingbirds.

I shine for all to see the smile within the dawn of every day.

I shine for everyone to see we are all created equal to reach our destiny in life.

I shine so you can see material possessions without me, will always make you fall in the ditch.

I shine to dissipate despair, hate, hopelessness, injustices and crime.

I shine for without me, darkness wouldn’t allow good to prevail.

I shine so you can always choose life not death.

I shine for my Father designed me to illuminate the goodness of His creation.

I shine so babies can see the smile in their loving mothers and dads.

I shine for my Father believes I will prevail over the darkness in the world.

I shine for my mission is not dictated by the circumstances in life.

I shine for without me the world wouldn’t be able to distinguish between what is real and unreal.

I shine so you can see the tears of others when they hurt; so you can extend your compassion towards them in any which way you can.

I shine because there is a great destiny for you; and without me, you would never be able to figure this out.

I shine for life is hidden in what you can’t see. My Father wants everyone to see; so everyone can have the same chance to succeed.

I shine for death wants to create the illusion that everything ends when you die. Not so, in me there is eternal life guaranteeing life after death.

I shine for you to see, the pain, hunger and misfortunes of others; so you can do everything you can to change their world.

I shine so you can see the distinction between good and evil, and always choose good to overcome evil.

I shine for my Father’s desire is for you to know that He loves you with all His heart.

I shine because I am the truth, the way and the life; and no one can come to my Father without me.

Carlos H. Lopez