Wondering Why As A Believer You Have To Go Through Trials and Unwanted Situations? Pt.1

31 May


Are you a faithful son or daughter of God? Do you find yourself presently in a pressing and unexpected circumstance? Are you wondering what the reason behind your present trial is?

Is your faith lacking because of the amount of time it is taking to overcome your present situation? Is the high level of stress affecting your health, emotions, and even rational thinking?

These are questions that as believers, require answers. Let me attempt to address some of the reasons why we as believers have to go through these difficult times:

  1. We are not exempt from seasons when our faith is challenged.
  2. We erroneously think that because God is always on our side, we are supposed to live trial-free or crisis exempt during our life’s journey.
  3. God’s time and purpose do not always align with our personal agenda.
  4. Character is always a pre-requisite to successfully accomplish our life’s assignment.
  5. His purpose is always greater than the purpose we try to fabricate for ourselves.

1. In serving the people of God, I’ve learned quite a few things. It has been sort of on-the job training. Some of the good kingdom principles I’ve learned have not come easy. I remember when I started teaching on faith; I had to put that principle to work. One thing is to teach it; practicing it is quite another. I remember taking my people to believe for the purchase of a building. We hired a professional finance company. All members had to buy bonds. Well, not all but we had to purchase a percentage of the loan. When the deal was ready to be sealed, I realized the weekly income we had was not going to be able to sustain the monthly payment for the loan. The company had suggested several scenarios for us to carry the loan, but I realized the demand was greater than our weekly finances.

I had to cancel the deal to prevent our members from losing their investment. This has been one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make while in active ministry. When I signed the contract, my faith was high, when I was going to close the deal, my faith was challenged and low; I canceled the deal! For years, I suffered the consequences of my decision. However, I think I did the right thing. Having said that, it’s one of the things I’ll ask the Lord for clarification when I see Him in person.

2. The majority of believers don’t think they should be Scott-free when it comes to trials and testing seasons. However, in the event you are on the minority side of this issue let me briefly touch on it. For one, I should say that trials and times of crisis are perhaps two of the options that are at Father God’s disposal. He reaches out to them when He desires to show us there is a higher and better way. He knows and can see the potential He has given us. Having the ability to see the end from the beginning, He works ahead of time making sure we develop it. He moves people and circumstances making sure they become part of our great journey. The problem is, we don’t see it that way when going through it! If we are not careful and allow the wrong attitude to set in during this process; then trouble, anxiety, and even despair come Think of Joseph in Egypt when going through your personal trials. He is perhaps one of the greatest examples to imitate for success.

Come back next month to read the second part of this Blog.

For He is Worthy

A. Carlos



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