Our Greatest Legacy Part 2

02 May

legacy“Our greatest legacy is not our accomplishments in life; it is what we can do to help the next generation.” -President Jimmy Carter.

As I begin to transition into my golden years, by the way, I hope I get to be at least 100; I can’t look forward before I look backward in the rearview mirror of my life. Even Father God does this. “Moses my servant is dead. Now therefore, arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people, to the land which I am giving to them my servant Moses is dead…”Joshua 1:2

As you read in the previous blog, because a lady missionary knew my grandfather was a minister of the Gospel, she connected my mother with the director of a private school. This action had tremendous consequences for the future and destiny of my family as a whole. It allowed 5 of us to attend one of the best schools in the country for free!

I attended this wonderful school until, as in the story of Joseph, a new pharaoh came to power. The old missionary had to go back to the U.S.A., and a Nicaraguan director was appointed. He couldn’t see why we were all attending school for free. Two of us had to go and finish the last two years of High School in public school. The good foundation had already been laid, and we moved on with our lives.

If I have to say something about legacy, is the fact that we have in our power the ability to facilitate the foundation for a New Generation. I couldn’t connect the dots when I was growing up attending that private school. I can’t ignore it now after raising my family here in the U.S. Like that lady who left the comfort of living in the most prosperous nation in the world to respond to her missionary calling. I was extracted from my country of birth to serve the rest of my life in the U.S. Many have come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ during my lifetime of service. Many more will continue to be blessed and embrace Him, as their savior by the witnessing and ministry of both, my immediate family, grandchildren and those raised as leaders by Paul and Silas Ministries.

Legacy is a fancy word. However, it has a lot of meaning when we can analyze it in the pure context of a life-story. You and I now have this great responsibility. We are to influence a New Generation to change the world ahead of us. In reading this blog, you are being reached not by my merits, but by the merits of my grandfather who was called by God to serve Him in his generation. My prayer is that we can continue to connect the generations to come to the legacy that only Jesus Christ is the answer to a successful life. Come back next month.

Carlos H. Lopez

For Mentoring Winners.


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