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Planning- The Center Piece In The Puzzle Called “Getting Things Done”

chosen copyDefinition:
Planning:  the establishment of goals, policies, and procedures for a social or economic unit (city planning, business planning).

 Many are the ones that are called to succeed or do better in life, yet only a few are chosen. These chosen ones are those who learn that “planning” is the secret or key that opens the door to getting things done in life.

When I think about what separates the doers from the not so good doers; I find the difference is not that great. Having said that, the reality is that there is still too great a number of people who “fail” every day. The crossing of that bridge that separates them from reaching their goals seems to be too big and long to overcome.

 Let’s see if by examining together a few of the main reasons that cause so many to fail in solving this puzzle, we can come up with some answers. My desire is to help you in conquering that which is in the middle of the road. That “monster” which is somehow holding you back in reaching the other side of the bridge. Anything that stands between who you are called to be and who you have become must be a monster, especially when you have already tried to push him out of the way several times.

 I truly don’t know what has come between you and your desired goal in life. Only you can know the answer to that. I can only give you a list of a few formidable enemies well known to all. Your job, once you can identify your enemy or enemies, is to then make the determination to design a strategy to defeat him or them. I will give you some steps that can help you with that. It’s probably going to be a difficult mountain to climb; but this would be your challenge, so keep your faith high and let’s begin.

 In comprising a list of potential enemies, I should begin by saying that life is very fragile. What can be something very easy to overcome for one can become the most formidable opponent for another. We are all built differently and we are all unique. We all have our own set of weaknesses and strengths. There are no two individuals alike, but the enemy or enemies can be the same for either of us. So keep that in perspective whenever you feel the temptation to compare yourself with somebody else.

 For the sake of space and time, I am only going to reduce my list to 5 of these enemies.

  1. Fear
  2. Insecurity
  3. Inadequacies
  4. Trust
  5. Not having what it takes

Come back and read my next blog to find out which one of these enemies is the monster behind your inability to reach your goals!

Carlos H. Lopez, your Mentoring Coach

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