Seven Things You Need To Know To Make Faith Work For You

01 Dec

got-faith_t_-_Copy21. Faith is a form of exchange.
You can use it like money. You release it and you will receive something in return.

Father God in His infinite wisdom and grace- designed a way for us to obtain the things we need to succeed in this physical world. He gave a measure of faith, sort of spiritual currency to every man. It’s a way of exchange. It’s how we obtain the things we need in this physical world by way of downloading them from the spiritual world.

2. Every one of us has faith. It is given to us by Father God so we can operate successfully in our tangible physical world. It wouldn’t be fair to place us in a universe without the means to not only survive, but to excel and exercise dominion over the things He has designed for us to have dominion over.

3. Faith has a tense. It requires an unequivocal time in order for it to function. Meaning your faith will not work if it is exercised out of the timing designed by its predetermined law.

4. Faith can be used interchangeably with the Word of God. When we say, “the word of God says”; we can also say, “faith says…”

5. Faith is of the heart.The heart over rides the mind. Example: the Patriarch Abraham in the Old Testament when he was confronted with the decision about what to do with what he had heard Father God telling him about relocating his whole family and belongings to a land he never heard, was a real fight between his mind and his heart.

His will and emotions also came to play as he considered what to do, his mind was saying.

 “Abe, think about it real well. It just doesn’t add up. It doesn’t make any sense to leave the place where you are having success and prosperity for a place you haven’t even heard of or know!”

Abraham was at the crossroads and needed to make the right choice. He was at the place where his actions would begin to define what faith was about. He was asked to leave his family and the city he was leaving to embark on a journey to an unknown land promised by Father God. It was a great challenge to leave everything that represented his security and comfort-zone behind him. It was a decision that would turn his life forever in one way or the other.

Here is the point. He did not allow himself to be governed by his mind, what he saw or felt, rather he believed with his heart instead of his mind, will and emotions by calling the things that are not as though they were. He became the father of faith and became the father or many nations

6. Faith has to be released!This is the saying part of faith. You shall have whatsoever you say. Mark 11:23.  “For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.” This is true, but it is not magic; however, it can be accomplished with discipline and hard work.

7. Stay with what He says in His word.You must examine what He says in His Word in order for you to validate your faith in obtaining what you so desire. He must say it consistently through His whole counsel (The Bible) in order to be true. An isolated statement will not make it true! His Word acts as a deed. Let me ask the question, have you ever bought a house? If you have, you remember when the property is about to exchange owners, they give you a deed, indicating you are the new owner. Notice however, you are not still literally in the house. The deed comes before you are in it. It is the same with faith. His Word comes before you actually see it manifested.

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