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Praying For America Includes Praying For Her Next President

Every time we elect a president of the United States of America, we are told it is one of the greatest most important decisions of our lifetime.

This upcoming 2016 election we are confronted with the same predicament. However, somehow I sincerely feel this time around such a premise is closer to being truer than the previous years.

Our nation is confronting major changes that are affecting not only the fabric of our society but most importantly the concept of “family.” It seems like the strength and values of our once strong American Family has been in a steady decline. Legislation enacted during the present administration has forever changed the landscape of what was once this great “American Family”. Christians and non-Christians alike are being confronted with all kinds of different settings in which growing up exponentially has increasingly become a necessity.

The times are demanding from those who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to take a stand on different levels where before things were considered “normal.” It seems to me that a season to “contend for the faith” has been opened and those of us who call ourselves “mentors” need to come up with answers and strategies to provide the leadership needed and fill the existing spiritual vacuum.

There is a sense of urgency that flows in the air concerning the spiritual condition of this great land. If you are a believer, then America is in desperate need of your prayers.

We need to pray for the upcoming elections for president. Who is the right person for the job? Do we have a presidential candidates of either party genuinely qualified to steer America in the right direction? These and similar questions need to be asked as we approach 2016.

How can we effectively approach the quest of choosing the right person to occupy the Oval Office? Let me make a suggestion. I will do it by making a comparison to that of a single lady looking for the right husband. I can relate to this scenario because I have two daughters who are single and available for marriage.

Praying for America includes praying for who will be the next president of this great country.

I’m sure the lady in question would like the “right one” to be the perfect guy. Not perfect in the sense of perfection but rather in having most of the qualities and virtues hoped for in a mate.

I’m sure good looking would be at the top of the list. Humorous, fit, emotionally compatible, financially solvent (meaning having a good job), risk taker, strong leadership qualities, patient, good listener, kind, visionary, having a servant’s heart, compassionate, living to give not a taker, smart; but humble at the same time. I’m sure there are other desired qualities, but for the sake of space and time let’s say these would be prevalent qualifications for the: “chosen one.”

The problem is, where do we find this individual? There is no pool of qualified available candidates to choose from., and are not the right sources to find such a man. I’m sure they may possibly help but, our lady in question has her job cut out for her. How does she go about finding “Mr. Right”? It is truly a job for the ages. I personally never had to look into these websites, for one they were non-existent when I was young, single and on the prowl. I’m sure even my daughters have looked into them, although they would never admit it or talk to me about it. The truth is, you may have the “perfect” person in mind, but finding them seems to be just as impossible as passing a camel through the eye of a needle.

Here’s my point. Given the opportunity of making a choice for the right mate, is just like having the opportunity of voting for a candidate running for president. We are looking for all the characteristics, temperament, leadership qualities and everything else to hopefully make the “right choice”. Question, does it always work? The answer is “NO.”

America is in trouble and many spiritual leaders agree, it is in need of prayer like no other time in her history. I am of the same persuasion. Our “Lady” needs to find the “right mate” on our upcoming elections. If we continue to use my allegory of choosing the “right one,” we can see it is not an easy task. What is the primary reason I suggest we should all pray for America? The answer is: because She needs to find “Mr. Right” coming November 2016. She needs to be in the arms of “Mr. Right” when celebrating her wedding on Election Day.

Many of us will go and vote for what we think is “Mr. Right” without giving it a second thought…but I suggest that this time around we should pray, I mean really genuinely pray for guidance and clarity before we cast our ballot. I believe God can help us in finding “number one.” The more we pray about it, the better are the chances we’ll have in finding our “Lady” the “Right Mate”. Would you join me in this endeavor? I truly believe “She”, the United States of America who’ll be single and looking come November 2016 deserves iit.

Your mentoring Coach,
Apostle Carlos H. Lopez

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