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Characteristics To Look For In A Mentoring Coach Final Blog

“The Matching Character and Integrity To Back Up His Mentoring Skills.”

courtI hope you have enjoyed this series of Blogs on the “Characteristics You Should Look For In A Mentoring Coach” as much as I have. It is a lifetime experience and one that requires your utmost attention. Remember you are going to have to live with it whether it is for better or for worse.

I remember my son talking to me about finding the “one” he should marry. The selection of your mentoring coach is similar to finding the right mate in that it is a lifetime relationship. To find the right model all we need to do is look into the life of Jesus of Nazareth. There is no better example than He. I am aware that in making such a statement it may cause me to lose some of you. Many are turned off when His Name is mentioned. They may say “Oh…here we go this guy is a religious freak…Let me not waste my time” and discard everything positive I may have to say just because I mentioned His name.

I hope you are not one of them and keep on reading. I challenge you to find in history a man or woman with a better character and integrity than His. History has preserved who He really was and until today His name is the most recognizable in all the earth. He had the Character and Integrity to match His mentoring skills.

Notice I am referring to these two qualities only. Nor to His impact as a world leader. Religion has nothing to do with it. When we make an exhaustive search for Character and Integrity in any leader in the history of mankind, you’ll soon find out it is like looking for precious gems in the ocean.

Am I setting the bar too high for you? Good, it needs to be set that high when it comes to these two characteristics. You can be the president of the greatest country in the world or rank at the top of the CEO’s of the best 10 Fortune 500 companies in the world; but if you don’t have these two qualities, you’re just as bad as a con-artist with a great reputation.

Character and Integrity are rare commodities in today’s society. My prayer for you is that as you endeavor to connect with that person who would be your mentor, you take into consideration all the characteristics outlined by the series of Blogs on this topic.


Carlos H. Lopez

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