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Characteristics To Look For In A Mentoring Coach (Pt. 4)

elijahchariot copyLet’s not forget the premise I introduced to you on Part one of this series which is that a mentoring coach is to help you:

  1. With your role – what you do in life.
  2. With your goals – what you are accomplishing in life.
  3. With your soul – what you are becoming in life.

These are the three columns that strengthen the foundation of your mentoring coach involvement in your life. He is not only the one who is going to discover some hidden gifts and talents you have but, he is also one who is interested in seeing you becoming bigger than him. We find this principle in the best mentoring coach who ever lived, Mentoring Coach Jesus, who said to His 12 disciples:

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. -John 14:12

When looking for a mentoring coach, make sure you find that person who is willing not only to optimize your personal abilities; but the one who is also willing to impart his spirit upon your life. There is a biblical precedent for this. The story of Elijah and Elisha as narrated in 2 Kings chapter 2:9-10.

And so it was, when they had crossed over, that Elijah said to Elisha, “Ask! What may I do for you, before I am taken away from you? Elisha said, Please let a double portion of your spirit be upon me. So he said, you have asked a hard thing. Nevertheless, if you see me when I am taken from you, it shall be so for you; but if not, it shall not be so.” 

Notice, Elijah said he was asking for a hard thing; but he was willing to do it if he would only remained close to him until the day he was going to be taken away from him. Two things we learn from this incident.

  1. Your mentoring coach must have a burning desire to see his protégés (disciples) override his own legacy by becoming greater than him.
  2. You must also have the desire to receive the spirit operating in your mentoring coach.

I have to admit these are spiritual principles that can only be imparted and received when faith is present or being exercised. It may or may not be present in every mentor-protégé relationship. This is the reason why you must select your mentoring coach. You need to determine what you want from him or her? I suggest you make this determination understanding a mentoring coach is a lifetime relationship. Come back next month.


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