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Qualities To Look For In Your Mentoring Coach-(Pt. 2)

helpIn my previous blog I outlined three most important areas a coach helps you in, which are:

Role: What you do in life

Goals: What you are accomplishing in life

Soul: What you are becoming in life

These, in my opinion, are perhaps the three fundamental areas to be covered by any mentoring coaching effort. It should serve as a roadmap to follow on the journey to connect with your true self.

Knowing my role and knowing what I am accomplishing will reveal the image of who I am becoming in life. As important as this is, you need to be aware that this is not all there is to know in the pursuit of yourself. Your mentor, the man or woman who is going to be the missing link of who you are becoming, must have the following qualities:

  1. The ability to see beyond the present.
  2. A good handle on the gift of discernment to evaluate your potential.
  3. A solid spiritual sense of the process God utilizes to build a leader.
  4. A mind similar to a compass to determine the direction of those under his mentorship.
  5. A burning desire to see his protégés (disciples), override his own legacy, by becoming greater than him.
  6. Endowed with a measure of love beyond the limitations of an average man.
  7. The matching character and integrity to back up his mentoring skills.

I posted something along those lines on Facebook once before, and a Facebook friend responded by asking. Where do you find that person? True, not an easy task but not an impossible one. Remember the days when the computer came out. Everybody was always looking for assistance on how to use it? Now those days are over. Today, most everyone has an idea of how to navigate in it. Granted, the navigating continues to be limited to how much knowledge or experience you have, but you’re still navigating. The same applies to mentoring.

The first step you are going to have to take is to find the person that has some basic knowledge of the subject. Perhaps he is not going to be an expert, but will be enough to get you going. Using the same analogy, remember you used to look for someone savvier in order to get help when you came across a problem your tech could not help you with?

The same is true in life you will realize you need someone with more experience when you find yourself in a situation where your current mentor cannot help you. Then, you will come to the realization that, you are going to need a more experienced mentor in order to arrive at your desired destination in life.

You may already be here… Come back next month and find out more on this topic.

Carlos H. Lopez.

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