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Identifying The Characteristics Of A True “Mentoring Coach” – (Pt. 1)

identifyCoaching is becoming a worthy technique to pursue. It has become more attractive in the workplace, whether to enhance or sharpen the skills of executives or those at the entry level in customer level positions.

I began to realize the importance of “mentoring” after writing my book “Mentoring Winners.” This happened only three years ago. Not that I had ignored the practice but after writing the book I became increasingly conscious of such a fundamental need. As the senior leader of a religious organization and even more as a member of a family which generationally continues to produce spiritual and secular leaders, I started focusing more and more on how to best impact a New Generation.

Mentoring without a doubt is an essential ingredient if we are to preserve our family values, belief system and a worldview of the world we would like to see. It is, to say the least, a sovereign thought when it comes to contemplating our roles as mentors of a New Generational family.

Who is a mentor? What are the qualifications? Who is a so called “mentoring coach?” these are questions that need to be addressed if we intend to call ourselves generational leaders.

Rick Warren the famous Pastor who wrote the book titled “The Purpose Driven Life” wrote the following:

“A mentor is like a personal coach. Everybody needs a personal coach. Everybody, needs to be a personal coach. Personal coaches bring out the best in you. They see in you things that you don’t see in yourself. A mentor helps you in these three fundamental areas: Role, goal and soul.

Role: What you do in life.

Goals: What you are accomplishing in life.

Soul: What you are becoming in life.”

In the next Blog I will deal with the qualities of a true mentor. Visit for the continuation of this blog.

Carlos H. Lopez

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