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Change Is On The Horizon

change_edited-1I believe it was November of 2014 when I began to sense “change” was going to be a major component of 2015. Little did I know during a meeting of the Prophetic Elders a group representative of more than 300 well respected prophets from around the nation and beyond, Cindy Jacobs one of the leading voices of the group said 2015 is going to be “the year of the turn around.”

I was obviously excited to know that my prophetic ear was right on target.

Look at it this way. My wife Iris had gone thru the greatest personal crisis of her entire life in 2014. One of her kidneys had to be removed and the Big “C” (cancer) was diagnosed as the culprit. This happened when I had just finished writing my third book. She was supposed to revise it, but everything was put on hold as she had to confront the biggest challenge of her adult life. Today as I write this blog, I am happy to report she is completely healed and restored.

Why am I saying this? Because the title of my third book is, “Turning Unwanted Situations Around.” It couldn’t be released on 2014 due to the illness we both had to intensely confront, but it will be released this year 2015; a year in which heaven is saying: “Things are going to be turned around in your favor.”

All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Could I have planned these circumstances? Never in a million years. I am saying, “Get ready to see the change you’ve been believing God for”. Get ready to receive the extra help (breakthrough) you’ve been praying for. It’s coming your way!

2015 is going to be a very special year for those who have been struggling for so long concerning a specific battle. The winds of God’s strength and might are being directed to get you to that level you desire so much but is yet so far away from you. Get ready. Be diligent. Keep believing and continue moving forward. The answer you’ve been waiting for is just around the corner.

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