The Caterpillar Thinking

12 Nov

blue_caterpillar_face_by_SutherlandArt copyThere is a process in life that always precedes real change. It is literally a metamorphosis or “change of form.” It is very similar to the one that the caterpillar goes through while in the cocoon before it changes or transforms into a butterfly. I call the first step in this process the: “Caterpillar Thinking.”

What is the “Caterpillar thinking?” It goes like this: When the caterpillar is hanging around the branches of a tree and munching on leaves, it looks up and sees a butterfly flying over him. He sees it and says, “Oh my, what I wouldn’t give just to be like her. She has freedom. She can go anywhere she likes. She is beautiful, has wonderful colors and can actually eat from anything. Not at all like me. I have to be condemned to live on these branches, eat from these green leaves on a daily basis and worst of all I am restricted to forever live on this old tree. “

This is the mindset of a caterpillar that doesn’t realize hit is a butterfly in the making! As I write this article, the quote from the late Myles Monroe comes to my mind. He wrote: “I believe the greatest tragedy in life is not death. The greatest tragedy in life is life without a purpose.”

This caterpillar does not know his purpose in life and his thinking reflects it clearly. Today many walk around not knowing the reason why they exist. They like a caterpillar are caught in the web of limitations imposed by the ignorance of not knowing they are God’s purposeful creation. They are free, capable of doing great exploits and displaying their own beautiful God-given colors just as Father-God has designed and created them to be. Yet, they do not know it. They have failed to realize they are diamonds in the making. They are prisoners of their own “caterpillar mentality”.

My job as a mentor is to make sure you realize your true potential. To let you know all the power you need to become the person Father-God has created you to be is within you. It is not outside of you. It is not in the color of your skin or nationality. It is not in the hands of the government or in the hands of a selected group of people who dictate who is to succeed and who is not. You are created for greatness. You are created in the image of the Creator of all things. He has equipped you with the same ability everyone else has been created with. You are not at a disadvantage of anything. No one can dictate to you what you can or cannot do. You are a free individual capable of leaving your mark on this world.

Changing the way you think is the first step you need to become who you truly are. You are in the cocoon of life, ready to come out flying just like a butterfly. So be bold, be strong and make the decision to take the necessary first-step to possess the real you! Go for it…you can do it!

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