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My New My New Assignment, “Turning Losers Into Winners.” Pt.3

mindprisonerIn part 2 of this topic, I listed a few steps that will help you in becoming more focused and determined to hit the “bull’s eye” of your life. Today, I encourage you to look at your present reality eye to eye, act accordingly to your present need and press-on to win!

You will agree with me that at times, for no-reason at all, life makes some unexpected turns causing you to lose your balance and control. Suddenly we find ourselves sunk in a hole of uncertainty, insecurity and feeding a feeling of unwelcome despair. When this happens, we all need to be prepared to reach deep into our spirit-man for quick answers. Lingering on this negative feeling can attract a very unhealthy family of dysfunctional emotions.

Let me name the two most prevalent ones that manifest during times like these.

A. The sense of failure.
B. The sense of defeat.

The following steps may help you in turning your sudden unwanted situation around.

1. If you are a believer, take time out to pray; if you’re not, then take time out to meditate. Times of solace are needed and healthy for conducting an in-depth self-inspection of our soul (mind, will, emotions).
2. During your prayer time, or time of reflection, find out what triggered such an unexpected emotional state.
3. Realize that what you are experiencing may be just a symptom.
4. Differentiate a symptom from the real source. The aches, sniffles and fever that go with the cold are not the cause or cold itself; but symptoms.
5. Attack the source. Most of us deal with life’s symptoms. We focus on outward things and look at circumstances. Because we spend our time focused on the symptoms, we do not get to the root of the problem. Step number one will bring the right perspective to where you are.
6. Do not be afraid to confront your present situation eye to eye.
7. Embrace who you are and avoid dwelling in dry and dark places. You and I are “Winners”; we were designed to be the head and not the tail.

Embrace the light of knowing you can turn any unwanted situation around. “…for I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.” —Philippians 4:13

Your mentoring coach,
Apostle Carlos H. Lopez
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