The Prophetic Dimension Of Mentoring

30 Sep

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There is a dimension all Christian mentors need to have, and this is mainly the ability to look into the future. The prophetic dimension is fundamental in the art of mentoring.

I would agree that not everybody understands this critical aspect of those who play this role, yet without it, the mentor is somewhat limited and to a degree; handicapped in his ability to look into his protégé’s potential and overall future.

There are three basic areas in which the prophetic grace (God-given ability) plays a significant role in mentoring.

  1. The protégés real potential.
  2. The protégés vision.
  3. The protégés destiny.
The Protégés Real Potential
True mentoring of an individual’s life and purpose on this planet is connected with the purpose Father-God has with any individual. God has a plan and a future for you and for me. To approach someone’s life without taking this into consideration is not only irresponsible but also tragic. I am referring to Christian mentoring, which is different from just secular mentoring. The difference being, Christian mentoring focuses on determining who you are? Who are you called to be? And who are you becoming? These three questions need to be answered in the context of the plan and purpose assigned to you by Father-God. You are not accidentally placed on the cosmos, as some would like you to believe. It is the role of your mentor to help you find answers to life’s big important questions.
The Protégés’ Vision
People perish for the lack of it, of what?—vision. There is nothing more despairing than to live life without a vision. Visualize a boat in the vast Atlantic Ocean navigating without a rudder. What would happen to it? How would the passengers on that boat reach their destination? How would they survive a storm? How would they manage to fight the strong natural currents of an open sea? The same is true in real life. It doesn’t take a genius to look at the statistics of fatherless children all over this globe. The absence of a father or a mother to provide direction and stability, places thousands upon thousands of children in a tragic position to fight an uneven battle against pounding storms in the oceans of life.
The Protégés Destiny
We all need a guide in life. We all need a router to arrive at our destination. The prophetic dimension of your mentor can determine the success of your journey. The more prophetic your mentor, the better chances you have to reach your destination safely and in one piece. Your prophetic mentor can see within your heart and tap into it by calling to life the dormant talents, gifting’s and abilities your Creator has placed deep within you. It takes a prophetic word to activate a prophetic decree! Write that down and make it one of your prerequisites when searching for a mentor.

The prophetic grace in your mentor will allow him to see the gifts and talents you’ve been endowed with by Father-God. Knowing them will allow your mentor to read the roadmap of your life. It will help him to see what you have been created for. This prophetic element will give your mentor the necessary tools he needs to shape and mold your destiny. He will work towards exposing the image your Father has imprinted inside of you. He will be able to train and steer you in the right direction you should go to reach your God-given destiny. Have a safe journey! You can find a prophetic mentor by visiting

 Your Mentoring Coach,
Apostle Carlos H. Lopez


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