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My New Assignment, “Turning losers into Winners.” Pt.1

Winners, Losers Green Road Sign Over CloudsMy New Assignment, “Turning losers into Winners.” Pt.1

By A. Carlos H. Lopez

I begin this blog by saying, “Please don’t take this apparent negative statement the wrong way”. Just give me a chance to explain and you’ll find out it’s not at all negative; but on the contrary, the shocking title is designed to motivate you to think for a second. Then, introduce you to 4 steps that can forever change your life when you begin to activate them in your daily life.

Ever since I wrote the book “Mentoring Winners” the focus of my ministry has experienced a significant shift. I’ve gone from concentrating primarily on the prophetic and apostolic into a “mentoring ministry”.

I have become more and more concerned about the need of raising an awakened generation. A generation that has a closer relationship to the God-given mission that has been assigned to them. My focus has been primarily in influencing those that come in contact with this message through the different avenues available to Paul and Silas Ministries. This is the ministry where I serve as the senior leader. I will continue to provide as much information and revelation as I receive, knowing that it has been given and designed to raise a people with a sharper biblical worldview who understand their present and future roll on the earth.

No one in this journey called life becomes a “true winner” without first having a face-to-face confrontation with defeat! It’s the attitude we take in response when confronted with this reality, that will definitely catapult us to our pre-designed destiny. Our greatest defeats can become the greatest turning-points in our lives. So, whether we understand it or not, at one point or another, we have all been losers. Not in the ultimate sense of the word, but primarily because we have all gone through that experience. It is my desire to help both the present and future generations develop a strategic plan in how manage the daunting sense of defeat. Such dilemma is causing me to dedicate a good percentage of my time to the mission of “Mentoring”. The conveying of this “winning side” of life, is now my new found endeavor.

Let’s now discuss four practical steps that can help you turn around the impasse that has been blocking your progress in meeting your present goals in life.

  1. Make a complete revision of how you are living your life.

Take an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses. We all need to have a very clear picture of what we would like to accomplish in our lifetime. Take into consideration the short and long term goals in front of you. Take a good look at your personal or business areas, dreams, and projects.

Prioritize your list beginning with the most important one on that list. You need to narrow it down to 3-5 items. If you have more than five you have too many. There are people that keep hopping from project to project while not finishing any of them. Make sure you don’t make this mistake.

1st step: To make a complete revision of how are you living your life.
2nd step: To search for fresh ideas to be applied to the new winning venture!
3rd step: Limit the depth of the loss you have experienced so far. When it comes to failing I take a million dollar loss over a two-million dollars failing any day!
4th step: No worthwhile endeavor is a cakewalk! Every good venture such as turning your life around will have its ups and downs. Producing more ups than downs takes a lot of effort, commitment and resolve.

I will continue this very important and life-changing conversation in later parts, so please stay tuned for the “coming-up next” parts.

[1] Mentoring Winners, Carlos H. Lopez, WestBow Press 7/24/12

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