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The Slippery Slope Of Responsibility

slippery-slope copyA good friend of mine recently posted a statement on FaceBook that prompted me to write this blog. My heart is to mentor people so they can become everything Father God meant for them to be. You would think people would consider such endeavor a noble gesture on my part.

Yet this is not always the case. As I have embraced such a quest, I have found the need to caution those who I mentored by instructing them to realize that sometimes “Mentoring” will not always be received with open arms for those you mentor.

Today’s world is full of people in need of Life-instruction. By this I mean “that ability many people lack to confront life as it is.”

I remember during my formation years as a spiritual leader how much I longed for the mentor I never had. Meaning I was not fortunate to have one particular individual who could encourage me when I was discouraged, inspired me during my seasons of dryness or sort of being stuck in a rut; that person that would motivate me during unproductive times and boredom.

That individual was non-existent in my personal life. My recourse was to pursue what I needed by reading books or watching videos of many inspiring authors and spiritual leaders of my time and those of historic magnitude as Finney, Spurgeon, John Lake, Whithersworth and the likes. I would attend Leaders conferences and come back with at least 5 books at a time. I like to think this dry dessert in my formation years was not accidental, but rather part of my pre-designed purpose. I like to think it was similar to the one Moses had in the land of Midian, where he lived in exiled from Egypt. Father God was His personal coach and Mentor.

Mentoring and coaching is so much needed today because of the complexity of today’s challenges. The fatherless generation and the many growing up without the proper accountability or love will suffer from the syndrome of which I entitled this blog—“The Slippery Slope of Responsibility”.

To succeed as a mentor or a coach, you must first make sure you either have or are under one. Do not launch yourself without the proper accountability. You will suffer lost if you do this. We are called to help those with a “Slippery Slope” mentality, not become part of it! Hope this word will help you and better equip your mentoring or coach endeavor. Much Success!!!

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