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5 Things You Need To Dethrone From Your Thinking In The Pursuit Of Your Dream

braA dream is the element we all need in life to run our existence with purpose. Our parents and people we love, we would think, would be the first ones to cheer us up and encourage us to get there.

Yet, unfortunately, many have found that it is not always the case. Who would have thought parents, out of all people, would not want us to succeed? For what reason in the world would people we love join the band wagon of “nay” Sayers and speak negatively to us instead of motivating us and celebrating our desires to reach for the stars?

Why? One reason and one reason only, sometimes parents and friends don’t know any better. Unknowingly they say things to us such as: “You will never amount to anything.” “Son, or daughter I hate to say it, but you don’t have what it takes to become anything in life.” Or, “You are destined to become a failure.”

I hope that was not the case for you, but even if you were, here is what you need to know in the pursuit of your dream!

1. Neither your parents, nor your friends have been given the power to control who you are to become in life! Your destiny from day one until the day you are called home is in the hands of Father God and you, nobody else’s!

2. God is no respecter of persons. What He can do for one He can do for anyone; that means you and me!

3. There are seeds of greatness inside of you. Why? Because Father God is your Creator. He is the One who spoke the universe into existence. We are created in His image, meaning we have His DNA. Not only the one that comes from our earthly parents. Have you read about the comic’s fictional character of Superman? We are sort of like Him. He had parents from another Galaxy, but had earthly parents. You and I have gifts and abilities to exercise in the pursuit of our purpose; we only need to discover them…Just like young Superman did.

4. You may think your dream is too big for you to accomplish. Think of people like, motivational speaker Nick Vujicic, did you see him in Oprah’s interview? No arms, no legs, yet he swims, he surfs, he rides a skate board and inspires thousands of people on a yearly basis. He says, “Think big and never give up!” Think of Helen Keller, never heard a word, never saw anything, yet not only did she write seven books; but also became one of the most inspirational speakers of the 20th Century.

5. What do you have to loose! OK, you live in the most impoverish conditions anyone can think of. You think you have no talents, gifts or money to begin the dream that requires having all of that…No one thinks you are capable to either succeed or do anything with your life…great! You have 3 great reasons to start moving towards your destiny, because truly, you have nothing to lose in life! So go for it, and write the story that can change the world!

Apostle Carlos H. Lopez,


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