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Mentoring Our Prophetic Minds

clockinhands_edited-2“You and I need to endure the trials and testing of our faith. If we don’t, then we will lose the promises made to us. For He will come looking for the faith in our heart to fulfill what He said.”

The principle is called “Prophetic fulfillment.” If you are a prophetic person, you must be aware of such an important dimension of the prophetic. If you are not then read the following story:

In his book The Arch of Empires,” Prophet Scott Webster explains it this way. Exodus chapter 5 registers the beginning of the deliverance of the Jewish people. Moses is being raised up as their leader. Standing side by side with Aaron as one man, he declared God’s plan of deliverance to Pharaoh. His message was reduced to the following declaration; “Let my people go.” As a consequence Pharaoh responds by increasing the labor of the Israelites.

“You shall no longer give the people straw to make brick as before. Let them go and gather straw for themselves.  And you shall lay on them the quota of bricks which they made before.” –Exodus 5:7-8

In the beginning, the Israelites responded with anger and rejection to Moses’ leadership, and continued to be enslaved and afflicted by Pharaoh. When this took place the idea of being set-free did not cross their mind. After all, there had been 400 years of slavery life. They had prayed for their God to do something about their situation with no change in sight. Now when God begins the process of their deliverance by sending Moses to set them free, they can’t recognize that their time has come!

Relevance was the answer. They couldn’t reconcile God’s intervention with their reality. Here is the important dimension of “prophetic fulfillment.” You and I must remain alert, awake and forever hopeful that the promises He has made to us will come to pass. It is our responsibility to nurture what He has said to us. Always live in a state of expectation. We must educate our children based on what He has said to us, until His promise comes to pass. It may not happen in our lifetime, but His Word will come to pass!

Notice what happens in the beginning of the process when Moses and Aaron stand as one man. After ten-plagues, Israel during the act of the Passover stands as one whole nation in obedience to God, following to the “tee” everything He said.

It may take time to see the promise God has made to you, but if you hang on to His Word for you and recognize the first sign of His intervention in your life, then you will accelerate the fulfillment of that word to you! I am on your side believing for your prophetic fulfillment.

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