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5 Mentoring Tips for 2014

soccer1_edited-11. Prayer will be a key this year; first as a weapon to execute pressure for things to happen and secondly, as a way to advance and possess new territory. Keep in mind also that prayer is a means of communication. You can tap-into as well to receive godly strategies when you download the hidden information that is readily available to you only from the hard-drive of heaven’s files.

2. Habakkuk 2:2 says literally to; write the vision and make it plain on tablets.” This means what it says; keep it right in front of you. Review it daily on your smartphone or tablet. Yes the vision has tarried, but now in 2014 it will come in waves and stages; and we will need to be prepared to manage the increase. So the key word is “preparation”. Keep in mind goals are for the one who prepares. It is not for the one who lives life by chance. Mostly everything significant we do is a process; but the benefit of lasting results remains with us because we were paying attention during the stages of preparation.

So think of it as when writing a song. You first write the lyrics, then the music. It can happen either way, but only putting these two stages together will give you the desired result of a wonderful song.

3. Timing is always key during a New Year or Season. Every seed has a designated time to sprout. Father God is not subject to time. We are, therefore we are the ones who need to discern the right season. Take time to meditate in what He has said to you over the years concerning your dream or vision so you know the stage you are in right now, and get ready to move or receive.

4. Consider the lilies of the field. Not even Solomon with all his glory could dress like them. You are precious to your heavenly Father. He cares for you.(Luke 12:27) Perhaps 2013 was a year of low waves; but never the less, things to one degree of another were moving towards you. It is a matter of alignment. The beautiful colors of the lilies is the result of a combination of things that had to come together to produce the final beauty. The point is, He is working things out on your behalf. The waves as the color of the lilies is a mystery only He can produce, but it is indeed coming!

5. Anticipation is the final tip for 2014. When I played soccer, this was a key move to advance and maintain the offensive. I suggest you make a little study on this word. It may awaken something very specific or become a long sought for answer for you in this year. In the game of soccer, “anticipation” means to get the ball before your opponent receives the pass from their team-mate. It means to be more aware and alert than your adversary who is waiting to receive the ball not, knowing you’re coming from behind to dispossess him of it. We are going to have to strategically play “life’s- game” with this mindset in 2014 if we are to become or remain winners. These mentoring tips are pre-designed with you in mind! I believe you are one of them. Go now apply these tips to take the lead. Adopt an aggressive offensive to win in 2014.

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