Mentoring NOW

30 Oct

mentoring nowWe are children of a God who is a generational God. This statement means that we need to think “generationally“.

Not to do so would be not only unnatural, but tragic. This characteristic is imprinted in our DNA. However, just like many other things that are imprinted in our spirit, unless we tap into them to activate them, they will remain dormant.

You need to call forth with your confession that which you would like to see manifested in your life. Therefore, declare that you can think generationally and also that you have the ability to be a Mentor to your generation and the one coming up! You’ll be surprised how many things are still inactive in your live. Many people have talents and gifts they don’t know about. Unless someone comes along and wakes them up to that reality, they will never exercise them. The same applies to mentoring and generational thinking. We need to take a proactive attitude in order for us to see results in these two areas.

Let me give you a clear example: Any man can procreate and become a father except those who are sterile. However, you and I know there is a big difference in being a biological father and being a real father to a child. In order for a biological father to become a true father he needs to become proactive. He needs to think like a father and act like one in order to execute the role of fathering. If we are to become generational thinkers and mentors for the Millennial generation, those born within 1982 and 2002, then we need to think and act accordingly just like the example of the natural father.

Our present generation is the result of both the fathering or lack of-fathering of the previous generation.

To be a father is a gigantic responsibility, to say the least. Not only do we have to provide them with food and shelter until they become of age to build their own families, but most importantly we are to become role models for them in everything pertaining to life. This to me is an awesome mission and we need to accomplish it successfully.

Our present generation is the result of both the fathering or lack of-fathering of the previous generation. It only takes a brief look at today’s society to realize there hasn’t been a whole lot of good fathering going around. Neither buying the most expensive video game of the hour or the latest Galaxy or iPhone is a good qualifier for being a good father; nor is it buying a Porsche or BMW or a brand new car for your teenager. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in providing all the comforts and bells and whistles of today’s Digital Age to our children, but to think in terms of being good fathers just because we can provide these material toys would be definitely wrong.

Fathering is a monumental assignment. We need to carry it out looking towards the future we need to build. This is our generational responsibility. It’s a journey that must be walked with godly and moral principles. Good discipline and love will raise a good son or daughter, which is our mentoring duty, if we intend to change the violent trend and disheartening temperament of today’s generation.

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