Reasons Why Mentoring Is Needed So Much Today

19 Oct

passing the batonWhen writing the book “Mentoring Winners“, I felt strongly convicted about the existing need we have, in the Body of Christ at large, concerning mentoring. As I approached this topic, from a spiritual viewpoint, I knew mentoring and fathering were the same things.

However, I also became aware I had the challenge of introducing the message of mentoring to a larger audience. I didn’t want the message to be an exclusive conversation for Christians since they are not the only ones needing mentoring. Believers and non-believers alike have the same need. So for the greater good I decided to address this topic from the more accepted vantage point of “mentoring”.

Today, one year after the book has been in circulation, I find myself with the huge mission of adopting this message as my personal crusade. I have incorporated the leadership of Paul and Silas ministries to make it our motivating force behind everything we do. I feel like a very vivid generational responsibility is upon us. We are presently recording videos for You Tube and streaming our services via internet with such intensity like that of a jealous eagle looking how to protect her eaglets.

From East to West, we can see the moral deterioration of society. The Millennial Generation, which are those born between 1982 and 2002, are born with an iPod pacifier. This is the generation taking the baton from the Baby Boomers, my generation. They know how to log in to the internet and play games in their smart phones at a very early age. The question to ask is this: Do they know who God is; even better do they know how to establish a relationship with Him? These are only two of the reasons I believe mentoring is so much needed today. Here are a few more:

  • The old methods and strategies will not work any longer; we must obtain fresh wisdom, learn new strategies for our day if we are to influence the Seven Mountains of culture (Family, Education, Government, Entertainment, Business, Church, Religion)
  • We must operate in a new level of authority. It will be the result of knowing Him differently – more intimately.  “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” –John 10: 27
  • We need to be proactive and not reactive.  We cannot wait for the enemy to attack and then “lick our wounds”.  We have to stop and neutralize his attacks before they begin.  We cannot afford any more delays in the fulfilling of our destinies.
  • We need to look into the future and act accordingly. In other words, do not look at the present as if it would guarantee the future. It will not!
  • If we don’t get involved in the plans of this present generation, we will not be part of generations to come!

It will take me long to accurately describe the need we have to influence this generation. For now let me just say; if we don’t do anything to influence them with the truth we have been impacted with, they will embrace anything that comes their way!

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One response to “Reasons Why Mentoring Is Needed So Much Today

  1. Sonia

    October 30, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    Amen brother…it is our responsibility to instruct them so that other won’t steer them in the wrong direction.

    Just yesterday a young man with a twisted believe in the word of God, approached my brother-in-law who is a baby in Christ, to tell him that their is a male God and a female God. He told him to go to his church so his pastor could further instruct him on this topic. Sadly this is what our young people are learning out there. If we don’t step in, others will with false believes.

    Thank you for letting God direct and use you. May He continue to give you wisdom and understanding concerning this often forgotten topic

    Always and always,
    Just Me!.


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