10 Reasons We Need Mentoring

07 Oct

bald_eagle_and_eaglet_4_copyWe can define Mentoring in many different ways, but here is one definition I would like to submit to you as we consider the topic of “Why We Need Mentoring”.

Mentoring is the art of transferring who you are into someone you love. (My definition)

Let’s look for a moment into this definition:

The act of to “transfer“, carries a minimum of three implications:

  1. The action of physically doing something:
    “Transferring the baby car seat to the other car.”
    “The patient was transferred to a different hospital.”
  2. There are always consequences as a result of a specific interaction between two parties:
    “The virus is transferred by mosquitoes.”
    “He transferred control of the company to his son.”
  3.  The action of intentional preservation:
    “He transferred data from the hard drive to a disk.”

Based on these three elements contained in our definition, let me give you “Ten Reasons Why We Need Mentoring”.

  1. Mentoring teaches us how to physically and systematically do certain things to succeed. Not only theoretical; but providing actual physical demonstration.
  2. Mentoring will physically teach you how to transition from being carried as a baby to become the one carrying the baby.
  3. Mentoring teaches us to learn “actions always produce consequences”, good ones and bad ones. Pointing out to us the difference so we can learn how to major in the good ones and learn how NOT to apply the bad ones.
  4. Mentoring is instrumental in helping us understand that once we receive or are injected with a particular truth, we are to bear the fruit of it. In other words we are always aware and prepared for a harvest.
  5. Mentoring is purposefully designed to transmit who we are becoming into the next generation.
  6. Mentoring is needed because; without it there is no intentional transition from the Old to the New.
  7. Mentoring is needed because; the future belongs to those who prepare for it. The Future should never be left to chance!
  8. Mentoring is needed because; it helps to build leaders, and leaders care to raise other leaders like themselves.
  9. Mentoring is needed because; it carries the concept of transferring skills to a New Generation.
  10. Mentoring is needed because; without it, the world could dangerously turn into a lost and hopeless generation.
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