The Confidence Issue – Part 1

03 Sep

818026.TIFLife is a great journey. We all need to pursue it with the least amount of headaches and unnecessary obstacles.

There are things that we can prevent or avoid in this journey if we only understood the need we have of the person called; “Coach” or “Mentor” Let me present to you the following scenario. A teenage gymnast IS on the bar ready to execute his or her routine. What would you say is the greatest need he or she has?

  1. White Powder on her hands?
  2. Know her routine?
  3. Confidence to execute the task?

If you chose answer number three, you are correct. See, the gymnast needs to have the chalk powder on his/her hands and also needs to know the routine, but the greatest need at the moment to execute the task is “confidence”. He or she may have the skill to perform the exercise with a ten, which is the highest score, but without the confidence to do it right, he or she may get less than the desired degree of perfection to win the competition.

The best friend of a gymnast is the “Coach” or “Mentor”, who instills the confidence to perform under stressful circumstances and pressures. The same applies to life. We have challenges, obstacles and storms to overcome daily. We can’t anticipate them or avoid them; they will show up when we less expect them. When we have a “Mentor” who is “coaching” our lives, during these difficult times, we can reach out to him or her and know that we are not alone.

Isn’t it comforting to know, if you are facing the “perfect storm” in the middle of the ocean, that three naval destroyers of the Coast Guard are leading the way? Yes, they can go down too, but the feeling that “you are not alone” reduces the anxiety and fear of the threat. This is why we need a Mentor or Coach. He or She would always make the difference when it comes to the “Confidence Issue.”

If you don’t currently have a “Mentor” Or Coach”, make sure you get a hold of one; it will make your journey less painful and stressful in life.

Apostle Carlos H. Lopez
Your Mentoring Coach

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