5 Practical Steps To Coach Your Mind-Part 2

20 Aug

Train The BrainMENTORIGWINNERSThe mind needs to be challenged, inspired, educated, expanded, periodically reviewed and updated and most of all keep current and relevant to the now times we live.

As I wrote in my previous Blog, applying the “5 Practical Steps To Coach Your Mind.” can bring an about change in specific areas of your life such as: Marriage, Finances, relationships, work habits etc. Here is the conclusion:

Step Number Four Is: Review. Review the new thoughts. Meditate on your new way of thinking. Practice thinking these new ways of thoughts. Rehearse them by speaking them loudly. When you hear yourself making these declarations or confessions, after a while you will begin to believe what you are saying. I do this when I am having difficulties in putting together a concept or teaching. I have to say it a few times before I can get it right! Practice as you drive, do the dishes, cook, etc. You have to review or practice a “new way of thinking” (this is what coaching and mentoring of the mind is all about) or it will never become part of you.

The Fifth Step Is To: Resound. This means speak your new thoughts so they “resound”. If you don’t do this, your new thoughts will never become part of you. I practice the technique of writing them down and then I speak them out loud. It works! When I do this, the new subject I like to teach on becomes part of me. If you have a problem with money, don’t say: “It looks like I have holes in my pockets, every time I get a hold of money, it is gone before I get to spend it”. Change what you’re saying. If you continue to repeat what is wrong you will continue with more of what is wrong. Begin to confess what you want your new life to be. Say: “I am a good steward of my money. I love to save my money”. and you will have what you want.

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