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5 Practical Steps To Coach Your Mind-Part 2

Train The BrainMENTORIGWINNERSThe mind needs to be challenged, inspired, educated, expanded, periodically reviewed and updated and most of all keep current and relevant to the now times we live.

As I wrote in my previous Blog, applying the “5 Practical Steps To Coach Your Mind.” can bring an about change in specific areas of your life such as: Marriage, Finances, relationships, work habits etc. Here is the conclusion:

Step Number Four Is: Review. Review the new thoughts. Meditate on your new way of thinking. Practice thinking these new ways of thoughts. Rehearse them by speaking them loudly. When you hear yourself making these declarations or confessions, after a while you will begin to believe what you are saying. I do this when I am having difficulties in putting together a concept or teaching. I have to say it a few times before I can get it right! Practice as you drive, do the dishes, cook, etc. You have to review or practice a “new way of thinking” (this is what coaching and mentoring of the mind is all about) or it will never become part of you.

The Fifth Step Is To: Resound. This means speak your new thoughts so they “resound”. If you don’t do this, your new thoughts will never become part of you. I practice the technique of writing them down and then I speak them out loud. It works! When I do this, the new subject I like to teach on becomes part of me. If you have a problem with money, don’t say: “It looks like I have holes in my pockets, every time I get a hold of money, it is gone before I get to spend it”. Change what you’re saying. If you continue to repeat what is wrong you will continue with more of what is wrong. Begin to confess what you want your new life to be. Say: “I am a good steward of my money. I love to save my money”. and you will have what you want.

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5 Practical Steps To Coach Your Mind-Part 1

Train The BrainMENTORIGWINNERSThe mind needs to be challenged, inspired, educated, expanded, periodically reviewed and updated and most of all keep current and relevant to the now times we live.

Applying the following 5 steps potentially can bring change to any realm of your life. They can work when applied to marriage, finances, physical health and raising children. Keep in mind these steps are to be applied specifically when attacking specific situations. We are not talking about your faith in God. You can read more in Casey’s Treat book. Renewing the Mind*

Step Number One: Take responsibility: Take full responsibility for yourself and your life. Do not blame God, your spouse, your boss, the circumstances . Take full responsibility. If you do not, nothing else will help you. You will remain out of control, incapable of change!

Step Number Two: Rethink. Rethink what you believe and you assume is true. Rethink what you believe is right and what you assume is the way to handle life. Rethink your concepts for living and what you base your decisions on. It doesn’t matter that you are a believer or not. If you don’t rethink some of your concepts you could be living  by concepts that are totally wrong.

Step Number Three: Reject: Reject the old ways, reject the old thoughts that comeback to you and block your ability to change. This is one of the most difficult steps, because the old habits of thinking are hard to break. Let me give you a personal example. I’m still reading a book about the “30 day diabetic cure.” A very good book on how to reverse the sugar levels in the body. I said to myself, I am going to change my eating pattern and habits. I really want to do it. I know this is the right decision. I think about it and decide to start a new way of thinking. Then the next thing I know I am right back in the same old way, not all the way, but breaking my new pattern. Then I hear the frustrated remark of my wife saying to me: You always do that. You need to change! I want to change and I have decided to change, but here I am doing the same thing again. I know you can relate to this kind of pattern, when it comes to managing your money or communicating with your spouse. There are many behavior patterns we all have in common.

What I have to do is reject my old way of thinking every time it comes back. I must reject it before I follow through with the action to break the habit of acting without thinking. I must consciously get a hold of that thought and say NO!  I will conclude these steps in my next blog.

*These 5 Steps are outlined in Casey’s Treat book “The renewing of the mind.” Not all the content is a copy of his book outline.

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We All Need A Mentor Or Coach In Life

CoachingSolutions1My function in the Body of Christ is that of an apostle. A brief synopsis of the five-fold office ministry gift will tell us that out of these five ministry gift, this office is the one graced by God with the heart of a father.

There are two prevalent characteristics to an apostle. First, they love people and second they love to make disciples. It’s not easy to be a father whether it’s a natural one or a spiritual one.

It takes patience, wisdom, determination and the ability to never give up on your child‘s dream. Regardless of how difficult this maybe, the father has to stick with the child for the long haul. His support and encouragement will be much needed, not only to pursue the dream but to help the child accomplishing it as well.

In my more than 30 years of ministry in the Greater New York area, I’ve learned one thing. We all need to have a father or mentor to assist us in identifying our purpose and gifting’s in life.

The lack of a mentor or coach will produce frustration and will make it more difficult for anyone to carry out their assignment or implement their God given purpose.

The sooner we find that person, the happier our lives will become. There is no greater disappointment for any individual than the one of not knowing what he is or what he isn’t supposed to do in life. I’ve seen many during this journey go through the most important years of their lives like a ship without a rudder, no direction, a firm vision or a map to reach a given destination.

The question of, “Why are we on this planet”; remains unanswered. Many attend college, pursue careers and others take multiple jobs in their efforts to find out what can produce true fulfillment in their lives. Some might find it for a little while but, then the momentum is gone, they are back to square one and the search for purpose begins all over again.

The good news is it is never too late to connect with a mentor or coach. I hope this blog may serve you as an avenue to begin the conversation. Let me know your thoughts and submit your comments and questions to “Mentoring Winners”. This is the reason we are whole-heartedly making ourselves available to you.

Carlos H. Lopez

Your Mentoring Coach.


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