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ImageYesterday, I posted on facebook how I was feeling about blogging. A few of my facebook friends kindly responded and their answers convinced me that I should do it.

The first thing I thought was, let me go and check some bloggers and people I respect. I didn’t have to look far. I was taken aback to learn Rick Renner a great communicator, reached out to people for feedback concerning the devices they utilized as a way of finding out how to reach people better. This is what he wrote:.


Do you use:

1) iPhone.
2) iPad.
3) Have you ever purchased anything from the iTune store.
4) Have you downloaded any ministry “apps” from the iTune store or some other source?

To be honest, I’m really trying to learn how to best minister to people and your answer would be so helpful to me! Can you take a minute to tell me your answer? I would be VERY THANKFUL for it.

Thank you! — Rick Renner”

Well, there you have it. When I thought out loud yesterday via FB, I was in my own way doing the same thing Rick did purposely and consciously. Plainly and simple he said, “I’m really trying to learn how to best minister to people and your answers would be so helpful to me.”

Now, let me share what I wrote in facebook. I am taking the time to explain it just to let everyone reading my future blogs, to understand how it all began.

“Sometimes I wonder, is it okay to go with the flow? For instance, now a whole lot of people are writing blogs. I read some of them and really they don’t say anything. Nevertheless, people feel compel to write blogs, why? Because it is the common trend. Should I follow through? Regardless of whether or not I may have something to say. Should I do it? If you have a good answer let me know.”

So, this is my first blog. I will be writing about, “Mentoring or Coaching” it is basically the same thing you can choose the term of your liking. After 30 years plus of serving the Tri—state area as a minister, I have come to the realization that the times we are living in, are making a much needed demand for the skill of “mentoring”. My heart is that somehow the experience I have gained in serving people’s need throughout the years may help you in becoming a better person or the person you are called to be. I am looking forward to meet all of you and thank you for the opportunity to serve you as a bridge in reaching your purpose in life.


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